Ceramic lintels JURAND

Ceramic lintels for outdoor roller blinds. Designed for use in structural and curtain walls

A ceramic lintel fulfills the role of an ordinary lintel. Has lift power . And above all, it is a "warehouse" for outdoor, protective or anti-burglar roller blinds. A ceramic box for roller blinds is made of slotted ceramic profiles with extra thermal insulation. It is designed for applications on structural and protective walls.

The product comes with B safety marking issued by the Institute of Building Technology.

A ceramic lintel JURAND for outdoor roller blinds
  • Special internal insulation.

  • The occurrence of scratches and cracks after plastering is excluded.

  • The length of heads is from 0.75 m to 5.00 m.

  • They fit any thickness and types of wall.

Fast and easy assembly

Lintels have a low weight, they are reinforced and constitute a ready building element. Installation of the blind can be made even after construction end

Very good acoustic insulation

The favorable heat transfer coefficient excludes the creation of a thermal bridge due to the presence of thermal insulation. An additional isolation is also the very presence of a installed blind.

Technical parameters

wall thickness from 24.0 cm
from 30.0 cm
from 36.5 cm
from 45.5 cm
from  42.5 cm
and above
heat transfer coefficient k [W/m2K] 0,49 0,37 0,25
estimated lintel weight per 1 mb 60 64 67
To see the technical parameters
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Estimated calculations to compute lintels bearing capacity for designers

total dimension
rebar bearing capacity
upper lower bending
Mobil. [kNm]
punching shear
Qobl. [kN]
N 120 mb 6 Ø 8 4 Ø 6 2,96 11,80
N 150 mb 6 Ø 8 4 Ø 6 5,20 17,46
N 180 mb 6 Ø 8 4 Ø 6 8,94 21,56
N 220 mb 6 Ø 8 4 Ø 6 13,76 29,78
N 240 mb 6 Ø 8 4 Ø 6 20,40 34,63
N 340 mb 6 Ø 8 4 Ø 6 35,28 45,73

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